About the xDevGuild

The xDevGuild was created as a community project. The main idea is to develop MultiversX blockchain-related open-source repositories and keep the developers connected. To figure out new ideas for projects. To keep the MultiversX blockchain dev community closer. To explore strange new worlds. To boldly go where no man has gone before.

We'll focus mainly on the tooling, but we will also welcome all links to the open-source Dapps and smart contracts because this is the best way of learning for developers, learning through reading the code.

The first rule of the Guild is: you talk about the Guild everywhere! The second rule of the Guild is: you talk about The Guild everywhere!

For now, if you want to join, you would need to move one of your repositories to the GitHub organization and become the curator of it. We will also welcome the teams of one repository/project. It would be awesome if you could be as active as possible. Respond to questions and issues on your repository. And, of course, develop further.

Although we don't have long-lasting plans (yet!), we will adapt and be a part of the developer force of the MultiversX army!

About the MultiversX Scrolls

The MultiversX Scrolls is what you are reading now. Knowledge is power! So the plan is to make it a place that could complement the great MultiversX Docs.

We will try to prepare a couple of sections with more introduction-like articles and more detailed ones. It could be a standard article, blog post, or tutorial.

Because the best tutorials are on living organisms, we will try to also provide the repositories and proper links in the articles.

If you have an idea for the article, please let us know. The article and tutorials should touch on the development side of the MultiversX blockchain, but of course, there are many common areas, so we will all decide what should land here.

And remember, the greatest teacher failure is. Do or do not. There is no try!

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